Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking ?



Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking 
The rise of modern technology has created numerous opportunities for improving daily life, and the advent of personal vaporizers is perhaps one of the most notably areas influenced by exploding scientific innovation. These devices have sprung into prominence for many reasons, and they have drastically decreased the number of cigarette smokers for only one of those reasons. The overt health benefits of vaping compared to smoking are essentially impossible to ignore. It has been proven that vaping is roughly 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine itself makes up only a small part of the substances found in standard cigarettes. They also contain a plethora of carcinogens like tar and arsenic, both of which are known to be horribly poisonous to the human body. Vaporizers produce none of those horrible toxins, and they deliver nicotine through a mixture that is typically nothing but vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, both of which are inert to humans. The claim that vaporizers are 95 percent safer than cigarettes is not only true, but it is the highest possible difference in percentage without removing the nicotine itself. In other words, there is no safer way to ingest nicotine.

The health benefits associated with vaping aren't the only reasons why a smoker might want to make a switch. Vaping is much more comprehensive than smoking, and the customization options are endless. Vaping enthusiasts can choose between thousands of flavor combinations, nicotine concentrations, and even source materials. Those who enjoy the oral fixation aspect of vaping can do so without any nicotine at all since many shops sell their flavors without nicotine added. This allows vape users to ween themselves off nicotine if they choose, and it does so without having to eliminate the habit altogether.

Smokers should also consider the convenience and social acceptability of vaping over smoking. Smoking is illegal in many public places since the dangers of second-hand smoke could disrupt others, but vaping is different because it doesn't produce smoke. Second-hand vape clouds are totally safe, odorless, and they dissipate much faster than smoke from cigarettes. This means vape users can still enjoy their nicotine in crowded places where cigarettes are outlawed, like bars, restaurants, trains, public buildings, and even certain outdoor areas that have banned smoking like parks and certain urban areas. Not only that, but the devices are reliable and offer much more utility in a single unit than an entire carton of cigarettes would provide.