What is an Aromatherapy Vaporizer?




It's unlikely that you've gone the past year without hearing about "vaping". The latest trend in alternative smoking has completely overshadowed the e-cigarette and today, vaporizers are being chosen over traditional tobacco by people worldwide. 

Vapor vs. Cigarettes

You've heard it since you were a kid: "Smoking kills." It's not only a sentiment that we should acknowledge; it's a glaring fact that we should use as motivation to kick our cigarette habits to the curb. 

Plenty of smokers actually want to quit, but every time they try, the irritability and cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal are just too much to bear. Coupled with the fact that smoking is a comforting habit, the added stress of going without on top of our daily burdens makes the idea of quitting smoking almost as horrifying as the potential health risks we face every time we light up.

Vapor Isn't Smoke

Vaping is a safer, healthier alternative to cigarettes that can still give you your nicotine fix while you work on decreasing your intake. The greatest risks of smoking come not from tobacco itself but the toxic chemicals that are emitted during combustion. In other words, your cigarette itself isn't killing you — it's the act of smoking that is.

Aromatherapy Vaporizers

A 2007 study found that aromatherapy vaping could help prevent exposure to the toxins found in cigarette smoke. In fact, the study reported that using aromatherapy vapor as opposed to smoking could actually help treat lung problems. This was the first study to ever link aromatherapy to respiratory function and improvement. 

Three years later, a 2010 follow-up study built upon the original's findings. After using aromatherapy, lung health had actually improved. This means that swapping out cigarettes for vaporizers can better your health. 

Does this mean that you should stop your quest to quit smoking altogether and just settle for a vaporizer? Not necessary. But it does mean that quitting doesn't have to be defined by cravings, irritability, and nicotine patches. Instead, you can slowly quit smoking while simultaneously improving your lung health and reaping the emotionally comforting benefits of aromatherapy. 

How to Use an Aromatherapy Vaporizer

Using an aromatherapy vaporizer is super easy and can be done in just four quick steps. 

  1. Collect room temperature air from outside—all natural right from the start
  2. Heat the air in the vaporizer
  3. Run the heated air through your aromatherapy dry material or a concentrate
  4. Extract the active ingredient in the form of vapor
And that's it! Aromatherapy vaporizers are just as convenient as cigarettes, only they're more cost-efficient and ten times healthier for your lungs. What's not to love?